21/04/23- New Podcast Episode! 
"Living with grief..." - Cat's story of 'Love, Loss & Life' Pt2

Grief is a journey that none of us are prepared for, yet it’s a path many of us will walk. Cat's story is a raw and honest portrayal of navigating the rough seas of loss, and it's one that resonates deeply. Our heartfelt conversation peels back the layers of her experience, from the initial paralysis of losing her partner, Jon, to the challenges of everyday life, Cat's story exemplifies the resilience that can emerge from the depths of sorrow.

The legal and practical side of losing a loved one is often an overlooked conversation topic until it's thrust upon us. Cat shares her  experience following the passing of her partner, Jon, and the complications of managing an estate without a will. We explore the importance of proactive discussions about end-of-life wishes, and how crafting a will can spare families additional stress during grievous times. We discuss the myriad ways we can honour our loved ones, extending the conversation beyond conventional memorials.

We discuss how our Irish cultural nuances have shaped our understanding of loss and the importance of conversation in the healing process. Sharing stories of those who have left us, like a friend whose laughter remains a vivid memory, we discover the power of embracing the full spectrum of emotions in honouring our cherished ones.

Join us as we explore these stories, affirming that through sharing, we find solace and a path to move forward together.

Love Loss and Life - https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100087673951381

LinkedIn - www.linkedin.com/in/caitriona-o-brien-aciro-b3531a101

Insta - @catthegriefcoach

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You can listen as you normally would to the podcast but now you can watch a video episode! Even better earlier than release if you click the video to the left! 

14/04/23- New Podcast Episode! From "FernGully" to "Avatar"

Ever wondered what "Avatar" and "FernGully" might chat about if they bumped into each other in the great forest of film history? Prepare to have that curiosity sated as we embark on a cinematic safari, tracking the conceptual footprints that I believe could link these two eco-conscious tales. Our journey begins by examining the shared environmental themes and transformative experiences of their protagonists, without casting aspersions of imitation. Instead, we celebrate the voice talents, like the incomparable Robin Williams and Tim Curry, who breathe life into these narratives. Our discussion isn't just confined to the silver screen; we also pay homage to Curry's remarkable legacy in light of his health challenges, acknowledging the indelible mark he's left on the hearts of film enthusiasts.

This episode isn't just a stroll down memory lane; it's an invitation to look at these films through a different lens, to see the intricate web of narratives that may connect them all. We weigh the possibility, ponder the evidence, and above all, invite you to join the conversation and share your perspectives on this tantalising theory.

We also stretch our imaginations a bit further. What if I told you that there's a theory that there's a chance all of James Cameron's films are subtly intertwined within a single, grand universe? 

As we meander through the thematic undergrowth of "Avatar," we can't help but notice the tendrils that could potentially link it to other Cameron classics like "Aliens" and "Titanic." 

13/04/23- YouTube RSS Podcast feed...


Some news for once other than the announcement of an episode!  Well actially this is about past episodes but so brace yourselves...

Basically you may know that YouTube had started a Podcast service, or maybe you didn't, anyway with this the plan for google it seems was to close Google Podcasts and have everything on YouTube/ YouTube music... so I have been manually creating videos and uploading them seperately and I hadn't gotten around to Series one or two yet (to be honest I have been trying to find the will to face the task as there are also all the ol Xtra Speak episodes to do too!

Basically this means that ones YouTube starts uploading my episodes you may find duplicates, which I will go through and delete so I apologies in advance for the jumble in the change over.  It will probably take some time as each audio file is converted into a static video for YouTube playback.  (but if you notice them starting to appear let me know- adn have a listen too!)

That is all, stay 'prattlely' and I'll speak to you soon!


07/04/23- New Podcast Episode! "Sunshine in a person"- Cat's story of 'Love, Loss & Life' Pt1


Or watch on YouTube

When the fabric of our lives is torn by the loss of a loved one, the tapestry of our existence is forever altered. I discovered this poignant truth through my conversation with Cat, a woman whose strength and openness during our latest podcast left an indelible mark on my heart. We journey together through the intricate pathways of her life, from the upheaval of relocating and enduring a divorce, to the serendipitous connection with Jon, a British Transport Police Officer. Their story is one of  love blossoming in the most unexpected places, reminding us that even in the midst of personal tribulations, profound bonds can be formed. 

Jon a celebrated hero and who was graced with royal commendation, after his part as a first responder in the Manchester bombing suffered an unexpected health event during COVID that he was unable to pull through, leaving Cat alone grieving.

Our discussion is a raw and honest reflection on the solitude that grief so often imposes, magnified by the isolating protocols of a world gripped by pandemic. The abrupt loss of Cat's partner in the sterile silence of a hospital corridor, leaving with nothing but a bag of his belongings, is a harrowing reminder of the fragility of life.

Through her narrative, we uncover the silent strength required to navigate the aftermath of sudden departure, the courage to voice our pain, and the grace to carry forward the laughter and joy of those we have cherished and lost. Together, we embrace the narrative of moving onward, with our memories as both a shield and a beacon. 

This episode is dedicated to Jon, who was Cat's 'Sunshine in a person'.

Love Loss and Life - https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100087673951381

LinkedIn - www.linkedin.com/in/caitriona-o-brien-aciro-b3531a101

Insta - @catthegriefcoach

Watch the video Podcast!

You can listen as you normally would to the podcast but now you can watch a video episode! Even better earlier than release if you click the video to the left! 

31/03/23- New Podcast Episode! 
"Vimes theory and false economy"

Caught in a downpour in Chippenham with only a flimsy umbrella at hand, I learned the hard way that skimping on essentials can come at a greater cost. It's Stephen here, bringing you another episode of Infinite Prattle, where I reveal spending habits to unravel the hidden costs of cheap purchases. Journey with me as I share anecdotes and insights on why investing in quality may just be the key to weathering the storms of a financial crunch.

The allure of low prices is tempting, especially when budgets are tight, but as we explore in this episode, the true cost of cheap can be deceptively high. We take a page from Terry Pratchett's book, pondering the socioeconomic quirks that often lead those with less to pay more over time. From the durability of New Rock boots to the superior sound of Bose headphones, we assess the value of quality over cost and question the current consumer culture's push for instant gratification. It's a dance of decisions that each of us performs, and I'm here to share the rhythm of my own steps in this intricate tango.

As the conversation turns to the community, I invite you to weigh in with your experiences on making smarter consumer choices. Have you found that paying a little more up front saves you in the long run? It's your feedback that enriches our dialogue, so don't hesitate to join in the comments below. And if you've found a nugget of wisdom or two in this episode, share the love by liking and subscribing. Stay tuned to Infinite Brattle for more discussions that challenge the status quo and guide us through the maze of everyday decision-making.

24/03/23- New Podcast Episode!  
"The Timeless Charm of Henson's Creations"

Remember when Gonzo captured your heart with his off-the-wall antics (he did to me anyway!), or how "Muppet Babies" fuelled your childhood imagination? This episode is a cozy trip down memory lane, where I'll share my own cherished moments with the Muppets, those wacky creations of Jim Henson that have left an indelible mark on our lives. Recounting some of Muppet history, from their quirky inception to their Hollywood walk of fame, all through the eyes of someone who grew up with their TV shows on a CRT TV and "Muppet Weird Stuff" on  VHS.

With a laugh and a hint of nostalgia, we'll explore why characters like Gonzo resonated with me [us] on a level deeper than just slapstick humour and how the Muppets managed to hold a mirror to our own world, reflecting its joys and oddities. 

Listen as we discuss the impact of "The Muppet Show," the charm of "Muppet Treasure Island," and even the less-appreciated "Muppets from Space."   

So, pull up a chair, and let's celebrate the enduring appeal of Henson's colourful cast, still teaching us to find humour in our humanity and the courage to be unapologetically ourselves.

17/03/23- New Podcast Episode!
Full Throttle the Dedication Behind the Flags of Racing

Welcome to Infinite Prattle!

Ever imagined the pulse-quickening world of motorcycle racing from the eyes of a trackside hero? Strap in as we share an electrifying chapter of my life, where I transform a long-simmering dream into  reality by training to become a Race Safe Marshal. From the vibrant flags that command attention to the adrenaline fuelled decisions that keep racers from harm's way, we'll pull back the curtain on the unsung guardians of motorsport. With Sarah's unwavering support by my side, and a little nudge from Glenn Irwin's post, my journey into the heart of motorbike racing is one you won't want to miss.

Join us for a deep dive into the day-to-day heroics that keep the wheels of motorcycle racing spinning safely. Discover the intricacies of flag systems and their life-saving messages, the parallels between track safety and the discipline of railway operations, and the vital, split-second choices made in the face of danger. Through this intimate recounting of my training day experience, you're not just getting a lesson in motorsport safety—you're getting a front-row seat to the passion and camaraderie that fuels this high-octane world.

10/03/23- New Podcast Episode! 
Dex - Phoenix from the Flames Part 2

Dive into the captivating world of voice acting with the charismatic Dex London and me, your host, as we unpack the laughter-laced trials and triumphs of this unique art form. Ever wondered how a voiceover artist transforms simple script into a living, breathing character? Dex peels back the curtain on the vocal discipline and self-care that propels one into the spotlight, emphasizins the sheer tenacity needed to voice everything from audacious video game heroes to the gentle narrator of your favourite audiobook.

Accents – they're the vibrant threads in the tapestry of voice acting, and this chat with Dex is a treasure trove of insights on perfecting them. We regale you with tales from the trenches, highlighting how an authentic accent can captivate an audience and the dedication it takes to master this craft. Dex's own vocal escapades, coupled with nods to iconic performances, underscore the breadth of opportunities that await a voice actor willing to explore the nuances of dialect.

Wrapping up our longest episode yet, we pivot to the hustle necessary to carve out a successful career in the fast-paced voiceover market. From navigating casting calls to networking like a pro, Dex and I lay out the roadmap to turn passion into paychecks. A massive thank you to Dex for his wisdom and wit, and to you, our dear listeners, for tuning into an episode that promises to echo in your mind and inspire your voice acting ventures. Keep an ear out for more episodes that promise to be just as engaging, and don't forget to connect with the incredible talent that is Dex London!

Check out Dex's work and Podcast on the below links!





Second video Podcast!

You can listen as you normally would to the podcast but now you can watch a video episode! Even better earlier than release if you click the video to the left! Check out Part 2 of "Dex- Phoenix from the flames"... [From 5pm 10/03/24 audio]

03/03/23- New Podcast Episode!- A Nostalgic Leap into Childhood Playground Games 

Remember the good old game of Hop Scotch or the adrenaline rush from British Bulldog? This week's podcast is a heartfelt journey back to the playground or schoolyard, where the simple joys of childhood games unfold through my treasured recollections. Realising that I may no have been playing all to the actual rules!

As I sit in a hotel room in Bedfordshire, the ambiance is a blend of strange and familiar—much like the games of yesteryear. In this episode, I talk about how nostalgia for these timeless activities fills the air, inviting you to share your own playground sagas.

I take a nostalgic look at the pastimes that peppered our school breaks [recesses] and ponder if these games would still resonate with the digital generation. From the strategic steps in Hop Scotch to the suspenseful chases in "What Time is it, Mr. Wolf?," I recount the stories and lessons these games embedded in us. 

Plus, I share my gratitude for the warm reception our video podcast with Dex received and hint at the exciting visual content brewing on the horizon, inspired by your feedback.

Plus, I mention the possibility of supporting the show but I emphasise the power of a simple comment, like and share. 


25/02/23- New Podcast Episode!
Dex - Phoenix from the Flames Part 1 

Have you ever found yourself rising from the ashes of a tough situation, transformed and ready to tell your tale? That's exactly the journey that voice actor and podcaster Dex recounts on Infinite Prattle, where I, Stephen, host a heart-to-heart that digs deep into resilience and the cathartic nature of storytelling. Dex unveils the origins of his own podcast, "Dex - Phoenix from the Flames," born from personal trials and tribulations.

As we navigate through life's tumultuous waters, is it the unexpected twists and turns that often lead to the most profound reflections?

This episode traverses the landscape of perspective shifts following life-altering events, revealing how such occasions can pivot our worldviews towards unforeseen positivity and opportunity.

From a night beneath Belfast's stars that offered me [Stephen] a moment of clarity to Dex's musings on the role of fate versus choice, and loss. We confront the poignant queries that shape our existence. Furthermore, we engage in a tender exploration of grief, the symbolism of flower memorials and the ghost bike, and the personal stories that help us process loss—inviting you to ponder your own experiences and the unique ways we all commemorate those who have left us.

[Also check out the video version of this podcast below - a first for Infinite Prattle!]

Check out Dex's work and Podcast on the below links!






Available to listen or watch from 5pm on the date above!

First ever video Podcast!

You can listen as you normally would to the podcast but now you can watch a video episode! Even better earlier than release if you click the video to the left! Check out Part 1 of "Dex- Phoenix from the flames"... [From 5pm 25/02/24 audio]

18/02/23- New Podcast Episode!
Revisiting Roots and Rebirth: A Tapestry of Northern Ireland...

In this episode recorded from my mums Kitchen!

"Stepping into my mum's kitchen in Ireland, the aroma of fresh soda bread takes me back to a Northern Ireland of my youth, where echoes of The Troubles lingered in the air. Now, through stories and laughter shared with you, we'll peel back the layers of this enchanting land, revealing a Northern Ireland vibrantly reborn as a beacon for travelers. From the charming bustle of Belfast streets to the sweeping allure of the rugged coastlines, join me in celebrating the transformation of my heart place, where war-torn past gives way to cultural richness and an unwavering community spirit.

This time, we're not just touring landmarks; we're immersing ourselves in the very fabric of Northern Irish life and the verdant green landscapes of a land both welcoming and wondrous. Whether it's the iconic Giant's Causeway stepping stones or the historic halls of the Titanic Museum, we uncover the hidden gems that have caught the eye of filmmakers and tourists alike. And for the sports enthusiasts, there is something for you from the electric buzz of a local football match,  to the chill of the ice hockey rink. So pour a cup of tea and settle in – we're on a quick journey to explore the heartbeat of Northern Ireland, where every corner has a story and every story feels like home."

11/04/24- New Podcast Episode!
Echoes of Vietnam and the Open Road: Johnny's Motorcycle Odyssey Part Two...

Ever wondered how a labyrinth of tunnels could change the tide of a war, or what it's like to handle the very weapons that once echoed across the jungles of Vietnam? Join Johnny and me as we retrace the steps of history, delving into the remarkable resilience and ingenuity of the Vietnamese in a time of conflict. Amidst tales of survival and strategy, we promise an exploration that's not just about the past, but about the lessons that continue to echo into the present.  These are just some of the subjects we discuss about Jonny and his adventure across Vietnam on a motorbike! 

Strap on your helmet and rev up for a ride across terrains of culture and miles of open road. As Johnny shares his motorcycle adventures in the heartwarming embrace of Vietnam contrasted with his next trip, the more reserved British shores, as he sets his sights on the Nordic landscapes of Sweden and Norway. Planning a journey that tests the limits of man and machine, we uncover the rituals that bind us to the bikes that carry us, and the bonds formed in the shared pursuit of adventure. Listen in for a narrative that celebrates the spirit of travel, the camaraderie of riders, and the meticulous art of motorcycle maintenance that becomes a metaphor for life's own winding journey.


NB: Can you spot the deliberate mistake! I told you it would happen! The podcast is called Infinite Prattle! :D 

04/02/24- New Podcast Episode!
Expressive Eruptions and the Etiquette of Expletives

Caught in a whirlwind of caffeine-induced inspiration, I veer off script [like there is one!] to tackle a topic as old as language itself—swearing. It's a candid exposé on the colourful tapestry of our verbal expressions, where I peel back the layers on the role of profanity in our daily lives. Balancing the act of raw authenticity and respecting societal norms, this episode is a no-holds-barred discussion marked intentionally for adult language. You'll journey with me through personal anecdotes, reflections on language moderation, and the delicate dance of expressing ourselves freely yet thoughtfully.

This episode isn't just about the words we choose to let fly; it's about the profound power they hold and the responsibility we carry with every syllable that rolls off our tongues. Strap in for a linguistic ride that's as informative as it is introspective.

28/01/24- New Podcast Episode!...Vietnam on Two Wheels: Johnny's Motorcycle Odyssey Part One...

Join us on a riveting auditory journey as the dauntless Johnny returns with a saddlebag full of stories from his recent motorcycle conquest of Vietnam. Rumbling from the vibrant chaos of Saigon to the serene highlands, he covers an astounding 1700 to 1800 miles. 

In today's episode, we explore the raw beauty of Vietnam's landscapes through Johnny's eyes, embracing the unpredictable thrills of the rainy season and the rugged backroads, while briefly also unveiling a touching personal revelation that showcases the pride he holds for his sons' and their love of rugby.

Rev your engines for tales that navigate more than just roads; they traverse human connection, cultural surprises, and the resilient spirit of adventure. Johnny's narration takes us on a ride from the treacherous city traffic to the misty mountain trails, revealing the contrasts and camaraderie of his epic expedition. We're talking unexpected guides, pothole dodging, and the heartwarming hospitality of the Vietnamese people. This episode is more than a travelogue; it's a testament to the power of two wheels and the endless road of life's journey.

21/01/24- Introducing Infinite Prattle! Podcast

Tune in today at 5pm GMT for the new rebranding of Stephen Speak! The Podcast...

From Season 4 the podacast will be called INIFINITE PRATTLE! Podcast...

Why the change? Well that is because I have registered as a sole trader and my StephenSpeak! logo will be used for the webite and the company which is called 'StephenSpeak! Media. Production.'

Confused, I hope not, tune in for more... I am sure I will say Stephen Speak! at some points in the podcast (and as i don't edit they shall remain! 

Cheers speak soon!

23/07/23 New episode of Season 3 now live! 

Tune in today at 5pm GMT for the new episode of Stephen Speak!  

The first episode of the new season is me chatting about what I have done, and not done in the season break!

16/07/23 Stephen Speak! ...is Back! 

This week coming (Sunday 23rd July) I return with Stephen Speak! and continue the prattle... while you wait why not check put the back catelog?

Speak with you soon!

1st July 2023- Crewe Works 180 Launch 

This week has been mostly about showing the Council what I created for the exhibition at the Crewe Heritage Centre and today (1st July) is the opening day!

Tuesday just gone was the first test of the soundscape in the exhibit space and it was really exciting to listen to it and also see peoples reaction to it.

Gladly, thus far, it has been a roaring success.  The feedback has been more positive than I could have hoped for and I am glad people are interpreting the sounds in their own way, and picking out the story I am trying to convey- pop down and see if you can too!  Details of the exhibition are in the links below as is a link to the Crewe Heritage Centre.

There will be a blog soon on the opening day and what is happening with Stephen Speak! Season 3!  Stay tuned...

Crewe Town Council site Forging History: Crewe Works 180

Crewe Heritage Website here

New Blog 21/05/23- Emerald Isle

Another blog, this time about my most recent trip to Ireland to see my mum and our lovely trip to Southern Ireland.

Check it out on the Blog page.

Season two finale...

Well who would've thought that I and you for that matter, would've gotten to a place where two seasons are coming to a close... listen to the Podcast on the 14th May to catch the season finale of Stephen Speak! and also a belated Xtra Speak! which contains some interesting Podcast updates.

Enjoy and I will see you in a couple of months in Season 3! Blogs and News will continue so please keep an eye on the Website and social media! @StephenSpeakPC

Speak soon!

New Blog 28/04/23- Show my colours

Hello check out the new blog on the website! All about the colour choices for the Podcast logos and how I came to settle on these!

4th April 2023- Exciting news

Had a meeting today about working with the Crewe Town Council, BR!L Consultancy and the Crewe Heritage Centre in creating a soundscape for a new exhibition at Crewe Heritage Centre called Crewe Works 180- celebrating 180 years of the Crewe works. Eeek! Hope I can pull this off- watch this space for announments!

New Podcast Episode! The Next Conversation...

Part two of the Star Trek episode is here!  I chat to my best pal Scott once more about all things Star Trek and at one point we also do a brief musical duet! (No joke!)

The episode goes live on the 5th March at 5pm so tune in using the links 

Listen here (Buzzsprout player or here to choose your player) 

Listen to Part 1 here 

The Arctic adventure of Jonny! [Part two]

The next exciting episode of my chat with Jonny about his adventure on a £500 motorbike to the Arctic circle for charity!

We get to hear more about the amazing trip- and soem of his future trips including one that could be very special!

Listen here (Buzzsprout player or here to choose your player) 

Listen to Part 1 here 

The Arctic adventure of Jonny!

Well, I mentioned a couple of weeks back that I was all set for travelling to record an on location Podcast episode of Guest Speak! and here it is!  Well Part one anyway (part two to be released on the 19th Feb).

In this first episode of this two parter , Jonny chats about his love of bikes, his road trips, fundraising and his Arctic adventure with his pal Iain in 2022.

Listen to Part 1 here from 5pm 5/02/23

Willy Geek incoming!

Tune in today for an amazng episode (if I do say so myself) of Guest Speak!

The Guest is Steve aka Willy Geek- We talk about two of his loves, TMNT and Star Wars- with some great moments and stories from Steve.  Including the time Carries Fisher (Princess Leia!) told him to F-off!

Listen here from 5pm 29/01/23

Road Trip for the Podcast!

I have just confirmed that I will be going on a roadtrip on the 28th January to record the first on location Guest Speak!

The person: Jonny

The Subject: Motorbikes, road trips, raising charity money and one hell of an 'Arctic adventure'.  

Stay tuned!

Guest Speak is on a roll!

Well, who knew that there would be another person willingly entering the fray of the Podcasting cave so soon!

On Sunday 15th Jan at 1700hrs, my best friend Scott will be on the show.  What is the subject?  STAR TREK!  

It's a joint love, but I learn some things I didn't know about where Scott's obsession started, and we meander our way around the Star Trek universe.  

Listen to Part One here from 5pm 15/01/23.

(Part two coming March 5th)

First Guest Speak!

On the 1st January Stephen Speak will start a new era, it will be the first episode to feature a guest on the Podcast... yes I have talked about it for some time and that time is now here!

The first episode (listen here from 5pm 1/01/23) will feature Steve, a friend who has a love of collecting.  We talk about Lego and Steve's rekindled love affair with the building block toy, and using it to de-stress.  Steve explains his Pokemon collecting, and also his obsession with football (soccer) shirt collecting! 

It was a pleasure chatting to Steve check out the episode now!

New Blog!

Great news! For those that can't get enough of my ramblings and prattle... you can now read them! Yay!

Click here or click 'The Blog' in the navigation bar!  First Blog live on 10th December 2022 (there won't be a schedule for these so keep an eye on the website and social media for updates!


Season 2 launches!

Great news season 2 launches on the 4th December 2022!

Join me for a slight change of format, new theme tune, new logo, and the introduction of Guests!!!


As your reading this, you have probably noticed that I now have a website!  Please browse and I will be adding new pages and features soon!

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