Hello!  So you have either navigated here deliberately or the planets have aligned and you have stumbled across my page accidentally... 

Either way, welcome.

“…I'm listening to your Podcast, it's like having a conversation with you- without you being here…”

So, what is this site all about?  Well primarily, this is a website for my Podcast 'Stephen Speak' & 'Xtra Speak!'* (go listen!) - but there is also a 'The Blog' (which is a blog- this that obvious?) and some other things to seek out, and more to be added in the future I'm sure.  

My Podcast Stephen Speak was born in April 2022, and was started out of the fact I like to talk, A LOT, and my wife suggested that I could start a Podcast (I think she was looking for a break from my ramblings to be honest).  Each episode is about 30 mins long, although I have had a couple of 'Specials' where I have prattled on for longer on certain subjects.  My goal while recording the episodes for the Podcast is to be free!  I don't write a script and sometimes have no idea what I even going to Speak about until pressing record, and best of all I don't edit. So you hear all of me, every time. 

“…I’ve just listened to your first episode and I’m onto the second and I have been riveted(!)…wow, I love what you’re doing…”

I am quite a creative person, and I believe Podcasting has encapsulate for me a few of my loves; 

  • Talking
  • Entertaining (I hope!)
  • Creating the artwork for the show
  • Coming up with the theme tune!
  • Utilising tech!

"...I enjoy your ramblings and openness about stuff...”

Having an outlet for my thoughts (it is quite a cathartic hobby) is just what I need and being me on the episodes - although I think a little bit of me is held back-I am working on this as I want the Podcast to be a true reflection of Stephen [me].

The timetable of producing a podcast every week has kept me focused and although sometimes the uploads aren't always exactly on time (apologies!) I get my episodes out to a schedule.  I have really enjoyed the process, and although it would be nice, I am not doing this for money gain (or fame). If someone listens, finds it entertaining, informative, or gleams one iota of joy from my random thoughts, my experiences that I commit to the ether of the Podcasting inter-web, then I am satisfied. 

“…Interestingly I normally finish my coffee just I join the M53, when I arrived [at work] with half a mug left, I can only assume I was drawn in by what I was hearing…”

Season two of Stephen Speak introduced guests which has changed the whole dynamic of the show and the content I produce. It has been amazing so far chatting to people and interacting, another thing I love- although I have to reel myself in sometimes.  I cannot wait to see who will make an appearance in future and my hosting and interviews skills will only improve.  Saying that, if you think you'd make a good guest or want to suggest someone then go to the 'Speak to me!' page. 

Xtra Speak!* came about not long after the inception of the main episodes. It was created as I wanted to be more succinct (I do try) about a specific topic or aspect of a story etc. Shorter quick episodes that last 5-15 mins in length. Topics are as varied as the main Podcast but are a solo venture... for now at least, I have no plans of having guests on Xtra Speak!* as I think it would detract from the purpose of these 'bonus' nuggets of audible joy!

“…if you want my 10 pence worth, keep it as unplanned and unstructured as you can because that represents you the best…”

Thanks for stopping by please explore the website, listen to the Podcast here or on most Podcasting Apps, read The Blog and I will Speak to you soon... 

Cheers Stephen.



If you would like to start you're own Podcast then it is easier than you think!  

All you really need is (click here for my equipment list)



* Xtra speak ceased to be in Season 3 (sorry!)